Children love art. It’s the perfect activity that allows them to be creative and express themselves, and have fun doing it. For kids, it’s a great educational opportunity that helps them develop their artistic talents and skills. Does your child’s art go beyond the doodles hanging on the fridge? Is every completed project a masterpiece? Here’s how to tell if your child is a true artist from the art he or she creates.

When everything is used as art supplies



Favorite pictures using magazine clippings with Visual Creatives at Pyle

Creativity goes beyond the canvas. Whether it’s watercolors or magazines, your child can create a beautiful work of art out of anything.

When coloring now has a bigger picture



Flowers coming to life in Cartooning at Ashburton with Young Rembrandts

Your child has mastered staying inside the lines, but that’s not the big accomplishment. He is now using these meticulously completed coloring pages to tell a story.

When your child creates her own version of a “selfie”



A self portrait in the works

While many in society are focused on perfecting their selfies, your child is focused on perfecting her self portrait. She develops hes drawing skills through portraits, while learning that art, much like everything else in life, isn’t always about perfection.

When your child understands that practice makes perfect



Some incredible talent in this beautiful piece during pottery class at Silgo Creek

The first time you pick up a paintbrush, your finished piece might not necessarily look the way you had envisioned. Your young artist uses her artwork as a learning opportunity – focusing on what she likes and what she’d like to improve on next time.

When your young artist finds beauty in the world around him



Beautiful artwork being done at Julian Curtiss with Future Picassos

Creatives live in the present and are in constant awe of the world around them. They focus on the details, and not just the bigger picture. This is easily portrayed through their works of art.

If your child displays any of these characteristics, you may just have a little Monet or Picasso on your hands. Encourage your child’s creativity outside of his school activities. Children are finding inspiration in everything, and these are the times where parents can easily find ways to celebrate their little artist. To learn more about after school activities for your little artist, contact ustoday.

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