The support of the school principal is an important component to a successful after school program. But an after school program is an additional responsibility involving staffing and coordination, and not every program has that administrative support. For those that do, it’s often the  front office staff who ends up watching students when a vendor is late, or when a parent is late to pick up their kids. That’s extra work for a team that already has a full-time job.

An after school program does not have to be an overwhelming burden for principals or their already overworked front office staffs. Flex Academies cures the headaches by providing resources and support with a reliable onsite coordinator, from establishing the program to its day-to-day operation. It’s the onsite coordinator who makes sure students are where they need to be, and the direct line of contact to both parents and vendor-instructors.

In what other ways does Flex put a principal’s mind at ease? The first step is to provide answers to the questions principals frequently ask.


How does Flex ensure instructor reliability?

We know that principals have had the experience of instructors showing up late or not showing up at all for their after school sessions. Flex’s programs provide an onsite coordinator who is at your school every day that Flex activities are scheduled. The coordinator meets instructors at the door, gets their visitor badges, provides them with the day’s rosters, and makes sure they get to their assigned locations. And the coordinator is in constant communication with the instructors if there is any issue.


How will parents know if their child attended their class?

First, if a child was at school that day, and is not in the activity, our team of Flex onsite coordinators at the school calls the parents directly. Second, the onsite coordinator takes attendance in each activity and prepares a report that is sent home to parents to let them know that their child was in that day’s session. The emailed report also addresses the group’s energy, progress, preparation, and provides a recap of the day’s activity.


Will I have to get volunteers to staff the after school program?

Flex Academies provides a total turnkey management solution that handles everything from program design to registration to daily onsite management. The only person needed from your school is a PTA liaison to help promote the after school program to parents. Leave the rest up to Flex!


Can we customize a program if our school doesn’t need everything that Flex offers?

Absolutely. Flex offers a variety of ways to partner with your PTA to make your after school enrichment program the best it can be. Flex works closely with the PTA to ensure that your school’s unique needs and requirements are met and integrated into the program.

Principals play an important role in making after school programs effective by providing direction and ensuring they enhance the curriculum, and extend the learning into the afternoon — without having to do it themselves. Running an after school program and integrating it into the overall curriculum does not have to be tackled alone. Flex Academies is equipped to partner with school principals and manage the entire process.


If you or your school’s principal have other questions and want to learn more about enhancing your students’ learning in an after school program, contact us today!

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