4 Ways After School Programs Enrich & Empower Kids

It can be a challenge to get kids engaged in after school programs, especially after students have spent all day in a classroom. But Flex Academies has the winning formula: A combination of variety and enrichment gets kids excited about the after school experience.

Here are 4 ways that Flex makes after school enriching and fun.

Expert program direction increases quality

Flex vendor-instructors are key to our high quality activities. With Flex Academies, parents are confident that their kids are being taught by experts. Our yoga class teachers are yoga instructors during the school hours. Our cooking class instructors teach classes throughout the community as well as in schools. Great vendors provide a high quality experience and help ignite new passions and interests among students.

A variety of after school programs increase engagement

Students that are exposed to different courses, classes and ideas at a younger age have the opportunity to realize their passions. Flex has innovative after school programs that cater to many different interests and encourage kids to get learn while having fun.

Kids find their passion

Not every student may find his or her passion in one activity. For some, it may be in cooking class, for others it may be in a science lab. With access to alternative subjects to explore, the doors to creativity are opened and students are more likely to find enjoyment and even success in what they are doing.

Learning together improves social skills  

Learning alone may enrich an individual student’s mind but learning with a group makes a positive impact on their social skills. When kids work together to learn a new skill, they learn creativity and teamwork. They plan, organize and work together helping them to learn the foundational skills needed to succeed in whatever field they chose.

These are great benefits that enhance the traditional options for students after school. Flex provides quality after school programs that cater to different needs, and Flex parents are happy with these activities that enrich and empower their kids with the skills they will need in the future.

Contact us about more ways Flex can provide enriching after school programs that can empower your kids to reach new heights of success and enjoy learning.

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