Kids always seem to have a lot of energy! Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent to keep up, especially with a busy schedule. This is why Flex Academies offers a variety of fun after school activities to help your child stay active and release some of that energy. From traditional sports like soccer or basketball, to out of the box options like Zumba, you are sure to find a fitness program among our activities that keeps your kid active and having fun.

Energetic Sports Activities


This game has been a popular recess activity for a long time. Now we are bringing this classic game to a whole new level. We will set teams every week so that each kid gets to play every play, any position, and simply enjoy the backyard classic.

Running Club

Running Club instructor Jake Westhoff says, “Life is short — running makes it seem longer.” And, more fun too! The winter outdoor running club is the perfect time to focus on developing and perfecting your running form before the spring sports season.  Most people don’t know how to run in rhythm and with fluidity. Westhoff’s program teaches students how to run properly (yes, there is a way), to capitalize on a strong core, where to hold their heads, along with how to breathe and how to strike the ground properly.

Field Hockey

Novice  and advanced players are welcome in this program. Fitness University provides instructors who are all former college field hockey stars. It is also a gateway sport for college scholarships and one of sport’s most exciting games. This is a terrific opportunity for your child to learn an exciting new sport or hone skills with professional coaches.

Fun Fitness After School Activities


A recent study of the YoKid yoga program revealed improvements in students’ mood and physical fitness levels based on participation in a YoKid yoga class. Students who participated in the YoKid program were less angry, more relaxed, more physically flexible, and showed improved concentration after completing at least three weeks of a YoKid class.  The elementary school YoKid program uses traditional hatha and kundalini yoga poses, games, partner exercises, arts, crafts, music, songs, and yoga sounds.

Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to break, lock and pop with the best crews around. Physical fitness experts agree that hip-hop dance is an excellent physical fitness activity, but we think it’s pretty entertaining too! The Flex instructors are big on building confidence in dance, focusing on the positives, and helping a person become more comfortable performing.


In this class, students will focus on lines, formations, and cheerleading forms. Students will also learn high kicks, leaps, jumps, and turns that are the building blocks for both poms and dance. Students will focus on high-energy combinations and practice movements influenced by jazz and hip-hop techniques, commonly seen by professional dance and cheer teams. This class is open to beginners and is particularly beneficial to students that have an interest in cheerleading or poms. Gain confidence on the dance floor with these skilled instructors’ encouragement in a supportive and fun environment!

If your child is a young sports fan, or is always on the move, check out our after school fitness activities. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of sports and fitness activities, whether it is something they have or have not tried yet. Contact us to find the perfect program to keep your child learning, while getting involved in fun after school activities.


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