As more schools introduce after school enrichment programs, they look to professional program providers to help make their after school hours more engaging while maximizing the student’s’ educational experience. Vendors who  work in the enrichment space provide a variety of courses for students of all ages. From astronaut training to Zumba, these vendors and their programs are vital  to enhancing each student’s involvement. But any program vendor can tell you that it’s not easy  to get your foot in the door with schools, and once you do, there are few opportunities for expansion. So, what are the keys to success?

Work with a well-known, respected partner

Some vendors have already discovered the benefits of working with a respected business partner. The right partner  can help vendors expand into other schools and districts. Your business partner becomes your key to expansion because that respected partner has a positive reputation that gets introductions into new schools and school districts, which translates to new opportunities with growing client base. For nearly 100 vendors in four states, Flex Academies is that partner. These vendors can attest to the strong growth they have experienced thanks to their partnership with Flex.

Focus on what matters for enrichment programs

A partnership with Flex will free up some of your time, allowing you, the vendor, to focus more on your enrichment programs and the children who attend them.  Flex manages all of the details such as registration, student rosters, program times, locations and billing. Our team handles all of the details so that the vendors can focus on what is truly important: creating and providing an incredible, fun, educational experience.

Whether you are a program director or instructor, now you can spend more time enjoying your work, rather than focusing on getting your enrichment programs into new schools. Flex frees you up  to focus on making learning fun, instead of worrying about selling your business. We can help you grow your business and get your program out  into new schools, without taking away from what is most important. Relax! A partnership with Flex Academies could hold the keys to success for your after school enrichment business.

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