Is your refrigerator covered in your child’s artwork? Do you often find your child dreaming up new and creative ideas? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then an after school art program may be an excellent option for your child.. Children need art. Research has determined  that there is a correlation between classroom achievement and involvement in the arts. Flex Academy offers a variety of after school art programs to help your child maximize  his or her creative potential.

Young Rembrandts

The after school art programs by Young Rembrandts explore the power of drawing – a fundamental skill in the visual arts. Participants are taught the drawing skills they need while developing learning skills that give an academic advantage in the classroom. Not to mention, the confidence and knowledge they will gain that will serve them all the way through adulthood. Drawing can open a whole world of creativity, especially in kids. Young Rembrandts offers something for kids of all ages 4-12. Your kids are bound to be proud of their drawn creations, and so are you!

Visual Creatives

One of the main principles in art, and also one of the most challenging, is “how to see.” In the classes with Visual Creatives, middle schoolers will work on the fundamentals of hand-eye coordination. It is a great option for both talented drawers and inexperienced ones alike. Students will experiment with “how to see” through activities like blind drawing or building sculptures with natural materials and boxes, as well as learning principles of good design with repetition, color, and value. Participants learn the value of organization and how to organize all of the different aspects of art, in addition to taking risks in their thought-out artwork.

Future Picassos

During this hands-on painting class for kids, students are guided through multiple paintings in a process that will teach them about paint, how to apply it to the canvas, and the necessary knowledge for completing paintings of their own. Each week, the course explores a new artist, such as Picasso or Van Gogh, while re-creating fun and exciting paintings using students’ new art history knowledge. Watch your child gain the knowledge to become an art historian while  learning in a fun and enriching environment. Students get to take home a new work of art after every class, and they will never paint the same painting twice!

Children walk into these classes excited and ready to learn something new. They will develop skills that may promote  academic achievement, as well as discover their passions. After school art programs are the key to giving your creative child the opportunity to learn in a fun and enriching environment.

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