Parents always have questions when it comes to their kids. For example, when considering after school activities, they want to know if their children are safe while learning and having fun. If you are interested in enrolling your child in an after school program, the following questions may help you decide if Flex Academies programs are the right choice for  your family and give you a better understanding of how they work.

What is the cost of after school activities?

Flex Academies offers a competitive cost when compared to other after school programs. The average for Flex is $15-20 per class ($11-15/hour for an 80-minute class), which is well in line with or below the cost of most kids’ after school activities. And this cost is well below what a parent would pay for the same group instruction “off campus.” Add the cost of gas you would spend driving your child around town for these activities and Flex Academies is an even more attractive option. Also, Flex provides the OSC, background checks, and secures the rooms. The price includes any materials for the activty. All of this has previously been done by the “professional volunteer” PTA Moms and Dads.

Are there scholarships for families in need of financial assistance?

Yes, scholarships are available both through Flex and the PTA to qualifying students. A core principle of the Flex partnership is that all after school programming at each school is open to all students and cost should not be a deterrent. In fact, 100 percent of the students who have requested a scholarship have been awarded one to a Flex activity of their choice. All requests are always kept confidential.

Is Flex able to accommodate children with special needs?

Yes. Flex Academies makes reasonable accommodations for students with special needs to participate. Please specify any adaptive equipment, personnel or other accommodations you need for your child to participate in a program for which you have registered.

How are instructors selected and screened?

Our enrichment providers are selected based on an initial survey taken by the community to provide any preferences towards a particular vendor, as well as guide the activities. Flex meets each partner face to face, and performs an extensive background check to ensure safety in every program.

We know you have more questions about Flex Academies after school activities and programs, and we’re available to answer them. Please contact us to learn more or check out our FAQ page.

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