Flex Academies after school programs would not be what they are without our onsite coordinators. Our onsite coordinators usually come from within the school as members of the staff know the children, parents, staff, and building. An onsite coordinator’s job starts as soon as students are dismissed at the end of the day. He or she makes sure everything runs smoothly throughout the whole afternoon session, from organizing the rosters for the day, to meeting vendors as they arrive, and helping kids get to their room. Then, the onsite coordinator collects each roster and if a child is absent and was at school that day, our onsite coordinator immediately calls a parent or guardian. Four of our onsite coordinators tell us exactly why they really love what they do with Flex Academies after school programs.

“I think what’s really great about being able to go to all these different classes is the wide range of activities that the kids are able to participate in. In pottery and cooking, they are always so proud of what they get to take home. Then you see the sports classes and Tae Kwon Do and they are trying new things — those kids who maybe are a little shy in my classroom really shine in those activities. Just seeing the excitement in the kids when they see their parents during pick up they always run to them. They say ‘what did you do today?’ and ‘tell me about your club.’ They are always so excited to share what they have learned and done throughout their sessions.” – Carlie ParkerOnsite Coordinator for Bannockburn Elementary School in Bethesda, Maryland

“As a science fan, I have been excited seeing Crazy ChemWorks and Freaky Physics fill up quickly. I also enjoy watching the students discover something new and share it with their friends the next day. Another reward is seeing the students learn something new and be proud of what they have created. I believe parents are happy to see a familiar face when they are picking up their children and they are put at ease knowing their children will be safe at school until pickup time.” – Danielle LymanOnsite Coordinator for Roger Sherman School in Fairfield, Connecticut

“I love walking into the classrooms and watching the kids with their activities and the pride they show — the drawing that they did or the various yoga poses they can do, who can hold a position for the longest. In the hip hop class that we did in the Fall, the girls were so excited to show off what they did at the end and we arranged for them to go into the daycare program and get up on the stage and show all their classmates that were there for their performance. They were really excited about that.” – Kathleen KellyOnsite Coordinator for Caderock Springs Elementary School in Bethesda, Maryland

“I’ll say that taking that winter break and not seeing the kids for almost an entire month and then going back to the same school after being away and seeing the kids in the hallway and their excitement to see me, even the ones that maybe didn’t have a session that day or didn’t sign up a second time, really gave me the warmest feeling. I feel attached to these kids. I feel attached to their happiness and their well-being. Seeing their excitement in return, and that just having me there makes them happy, is an affirming moment for me, like this is the right role for me and this is the right role for the school and these kids.” – Chantae PoliteOnsite Coordinator for Watkins Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

The dedication and passion of our onsite coordinators is part of what makes the Flex Academies after school programs so special. If you’d like to join us as an onsite coordinator or if you would like to learn more about what our onsite coordinators do, contact us today!

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