A proper background check for before and after school programs is essential to ensure the safety of your kids. This can be a challenge for parents to do on their own because it is virtually impossible for them to meet each teacher and caretaker that they entrust with their kids.

PTA President Laura Chace of Ashburton Elementary School says, “Flex not only brings the coordination but they also bring a higher level of running a business to it, where you have background checks on providers and a check-in system and a check-out system for the kids. So there is a different level of responsibility and security and it just makes everything run more smoothly.”

Flex Academies takes this stress off your plate by conducting background checks on our instructors and employees, including an examination of:

  • address trace
  • local criminal records
  • national criminal records
  • sex offender registries

Parents can rest assure that their kids are placed with a responsible professional who can be trusted to provide care, education, and a nurturing atmosphere.

It’s essential that strict policies be set and followed for standard background checks. Flex Academies ensures guidelines and procedures are followed so that parents feel confident entrusting their child to a high quality instructor who has undergone an extensive screening process. Flex Academies practices a standard of excellence parents  should expect from any before and after school program.

Contact us for more information on the guidelines and procedures we follow during the hiring process, and how you and your school can offer safe and secure before and after school programs.

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