Research has shown that after school activities for kids, specifically middle schoolers, teach new skills, help discover new interests, and help students succeed in the future– all at a very important time in a youth’s life. These 3 great benefits of after school activities for kids are reasons enough to demand enrichment programs at your school:

Enrichment learning is actually fun

Parents should ask if after school programs offer fun and exciting new after school program activities that will make kids happy– because kids should be able to enjoy while learning. Flex Academies has amazing, innovative after school programs that are actually fun and can teach kids new skills to problem-solve, grow, and excel academically.

Social skills are developed

Kids can feel more confident participating in activities or starting conversations when an after school program teaches cooperation, support and respect. Flex teachers help facilitate interactive activities that allow kids to engage and connect with other students while learning important social skills. Finding the right afterschool program for your child is key.

Kids stay physically active

Enrichment experiences are available through after school activities for kids, but what about all that extra energy they have during the day? Through Flex’s sports and physical activities, they can burn all that youthful energy while learning about health and teamwork.

Get in touch with a Flex member to learn more about the many benefits of after school activities for kids.

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