Parent volunteers are the heroes when it comes to after school management, donating time and resources to make these enrichment programs successful. The recurring problem is that the parent volunteers involved in after school management have constant turnover when their kids graduate or parents become so overloaded that volunteer burnout takes hold and the PTA is left without resources.  And there are other challenges that PTAs face as they try to manage their own after school programs.

It’s a full-time job

Managing all aspects of an after school enrichment program is a full-time job that requires dedicated time and resources. Turning to an after school management partner like Flex Academies can free up parent volunteers to focus on other important organization needs.

It’s hard to rely on volunteers

When the school has a large student body, there are many staffing needs. It may be hard to rely on parent volunteers that are already very involved in school events, fundraisers, and more. Flex provides an onsite coordinator to make sure the after school program runs smoothly.  Flex also screens and background-checks vendors, handles parent registration, and coordinates logistics every day.

There isn’t a good variety of activities

Keeping students and kids engaged with fun learning activities is important to PTAs and parents. Managing many different activities requires expertise in each field. Working with Flex, schools have access to many quality vendors and a wide variety of fun learning activities for kids.

Partnering makes sense

Flex can free up PTA volunteers to focus on other priorities, preventing volunteer burnout while providing a quality program of varied, engaging learning activities. With Flex, PTAs can offer a safe, high quality after school program that runs smoothly without taxing their limited resources.

Contact us if you want to see how working with a partner can take the huge weight of after school program management off your shoulders.

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