After School Programs That Are Innovative and Actually Fun

Everyday, across the country, there are countless after school programs engaging students in all sorts of activities. But are these programs effective in raising the bar, introducing fun and exciting new innovative after school activities that will make kids happy? Innovation is important when PTA boards consider adding new curricula to their after school programs because they understand that kids should be able to enjoy while learning.

PTA boards usually work with principals and outside agencies to determine whether their existing after school program needs enhancements or a total redesign. During this process, it’s important to consider what these programs offer such as scholarships, curriculum, and fun activity options in relation to their goals. It’s the perfect time to consider adding innovation as a goal for after school activities, to help students excel now and in the future.

Flex Academies has many amazing and innovative after school programs and classes, and they are actually fun. It’s a win-win when you can teach kids new skills that will give them the tools to problem-solve, grow, and excel academically while they truly enjoy each class. Here are a few examples of fun and exciting after school activities available through Flex:

Fun Fitness

Teaching basic sports encourages kids of all ages to engage in a healthy lifestyle, and more importantly, to have fun. After school, many students are excited to be able to enhance their skills and love of sports — whether it is a multi-sport activity, drills and skills for soccer and soccer, or even tennis (taught on blacktops, with large tennis balls and oversized racquets for the little ones). It is important to have athletic after school activities that promote exercise, movement, and teamwork, while having fun. Flex can easily help you introduce and manage great athletic learning activities into any school or existing after school program with a variety of sports such as yoga, karate, frisbee, and more.

Nature Club

After a long day sitting in a classroom, some kids are ready to be outside! This innovative after school activity offers a hand-on approach allowing kids to learn about different plants and animals. There are activities and games, and an animal ambassador that visits the school as well. Flex Academies delivers a truly engaging after school learning experience that leaves students wanting more up-close time with nature!

Chess is Cool

Kids always want to learn new games, but this isn’t the usual type of game they see on a Playstation or video game console. The goal here is to provide a positive experience learning and playing a classic — the game of chess. The Flex after school chess program teaches chess basics, rules, and strategy, while making it the coolest game ever!

Joy of Cooking

Sharing the joy of cooking and baking is a fun and innovative way for kids to get creative and interact with each other. So many valuable skills are learned that can benefit students and kids such as math when measuring ingredients, reading comprehension by following a recipe, and a foundation for healthy eating. Flex can help introduce a mix of delicious food and learning fun for little aspiring chefs.

Does your school want to create an amazing after school program that combines learning through new innovative after school activities that are actually fun? Contact us to learn how to enhance your after school program or design a custom enrichment curriculum that gives today’s students the tools for tomorrow.

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