Flex Academies Announces MCPS Partnership Aimed at Narrowing the “Activity Gap”

For Immediate Release Contact: Joshua Chernikoff, Flex Academies

Flex Academies Announces MCPS Partnership Aimed at Narrowing the “Activity Gap”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Flex Academies announces its partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools to bring high-quality afterschool enrichment to English language learners at Wheaton High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The program, “Knight Time Wheaton High,” named for the school’s mascot, is funded by the state’s 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. Students have opportunities for afterschool enrichment in academics and high interest activities provided by Flex Academies that include running, cooking, robotics and arts. These enrichment activities, requested specifically by the students, are designed to engage them and provide a practical connection to their academics, all while enhancing their English speaking and comprehension skills at the same time.

“This program is part of our mission to help close the ‘activity gap,’” said Judith Bunnell, managing partner at Flex Academies. The “activity gap” refers to the limited opportunities some students have to participate in high quality afterschool enrichment. Bunnell points out that Flex’s enrichment program has many staff members who are bilingual, and that the Flex onsite coordinator for the program is bilingual as well.

“Our hope is to connect students to life-long learning and engagement, while helping them practice their English language skills,” said Bunnell.

Sharon Hall, Project Coordinator at Wheaton High, agrees. “The desired outcome, of course, is to have students graduate,” she said. But she feels a program like this could have benefits beyond graduation. “A program like this gets kids involved in the bigger community,” said Hall. “If students feel engaged and a part of the community, they will act accordingly, and understand the opportunities and support this country offers to them.”

Get a better afterschool program with great results. Let’s get started and close the Activity Gap today.

About Flex Academies
Flex Academies is a Washington, D.C.-based manager of afterschool enrichment activities for schools and Parent Teacher Associations. Flex offers a fun, safe afterschool program that benefits schools, their PTAs and their students through a wide variety of afterschool enrichment activities such as cooking, chess, sports and the arts. Since 2008, Flex Academies has partnered with schools throughout metro D.C. and Connecticut to provide high quality afterschool programs to over 12,000 students. The company has helped to transform these schools’ extracurricular activities into a safer and more exciting learning environment, while also serving as a significant source of revenue for the PTA.

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