Flex Academies Opens the School Year with Record Enrollment
Parent, Student Demand and Vendor Market Fuel Growth, Says CEO

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Flex Academies CEO Joseph Olchefske announced today that the company’s Fall enrollment numbers are a clear sign of its growth into being a major player in the afterschool enrichment world.

The company saw record levels of student enrollments both in its traditional base of the Washington DC metro area, but also in its new market of Southwestern Connecticut. Participation in Flex programs has increased to more than 2700 students for the Flex’s Fall session, with similar numbers of students expected in the Winter and Spring sessions. All told, Flex Academies enrolled more children just this Fall than it did in all of the 2014-15 school year.

Olchefske observes that his company’s growth is “reflective of families seeking out broader, richer learning experiences for their kids.”

This enrollment growth is a clear indication that schools and parents are responding positively to Flex Academies’ focus on creating and managing customized afterschool enrichment programs with fun, exciting programming for students. Flex’s focus is on enrichment: afterschool activities include yoga, cooking, running clubs and digital photography, among many others. “In today’s world schools need to focus on core academic skills, but at the same time parents and kids clearly also want the broader learning activities that Flex programs offer,” said Olchefske.

This school year begins the exciting launch of Flex Academies in five schools in Fairfield County, Connecticut. “We have found that Connecticut schools know that learning doesn’t stop at 3 o’clock,” said Olchefske. “School administrators and their parent organizations are looking for ways to continue the learning process with exciting, safe, and quality activities. Flex Academies provides that.”

But it’s not only parent and student demand that’s fueling Flex growth and expansion. The company now partners with almost a hundred unique activity vendors, double the number of vendors in its network last school year. Olchefske says that this “burgeoning vendor market” enables Flex to offer more diverse enrichment activities that students and parents demand. He says that certifying vendors is a priority for the safety of all students.

About Flex Academies
Flex Academies is a Washington, D.C.-based manager of afterschool enrichment activities for schools and Parent Teacher Associations. Flex offers a fun, safe afterschool program that benefits schools, their PTA and their students through a wide variety of afterschool enrichment activities such as cooking, chess, sports and the arts. Since 2008, Flex Academies has partnered with more than 35 schools and almost a hundred vendors throughout metro D.C. and Connecticut to provide high quality afterschool programs to over 10,000 students. The company has helped to transform these schools’ extracurricular activities into a safer and more exciting learning environment while also serving as a significant source of revenue for the PTA as well.

Josh Chernikoff, Flex Academies

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