When you’re entrusting your most valuable possession – your child – to an after school program, being nervous and uncertain are understandable reactions. You have the opportunity to vet the program as a whole, but individually meeting each and every teacher or caretaker that your child will come into contact with is virtually impossible. Though some policy changes are rumored to be on the horizon, horrifying reports about unsavory characters being allowed access to children – like those involved in child molestation cases just last November in Montgomery County, Washington (details available through NBC News 4: http://bit.ly/18Ia1L1) – ensuring your childs safety is more critical than ever before.

That’s why we at Flex Academies take that stress off your plate. We individually screen each and every one of our employees and teachers using highly certified background checks to ensure that your child is placed with a responsible role model who he or she can look up to, and who you can trust to provide care, education, and a nurturing atmosphere.

Background Check 101

A standard background check delivers very detailed information to potential employers, including:

• driving records and vehicle registration

• credit and bankruptcy records

• criminal, court, and incarceration records

• education records

• workers compensation records

• character references

• medical records

• property ownership

• military records

• drug tests

• past employment information

• sex offender registries

The Flex Approach

The amount of leniency allowed in any or all categories varies based on the employer and the nature of the work to be done. However, here at Flex Academies, we have a very strict policy regarding these results. For more information on the guidelines and procedures we follow during the hiring process, please contact us at (240) 347-FLEX(3539) or info@flexacademies.com. When you send your child to Flex Academies as an after school learning program, you can rest assured that you are entrusting your child to a high quality instructor who has gone through an extensive screening process and is sure to stand up to the standard of excellence you will come to expect from Flex.

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