Afterschool programs are designed to increase children’s participation in healthy activities outside the traditional school environment and get them out of the house and out from behind the TV!. These programs serve to engage children in healthy activities and help them develop different skills such as leadership, teamwork, and problem solving.

What do afterschool programs do for parents?

• Afterschool programs lessen the burden on working parents by providing their kids with a safe place to play and learn. Children are supervised by qualified and trained teachers who make sure that the children in their program make most of their time while they are there and learn as many things as possible.

• According to research, parents who have their child enrolled in an afterschool program experience less stress than the parents who have not enroll their child into any kind of afterschool program.

• Afterschool programs also provide enrichment opportunities to children. Children tend to waste most of their time watching television or playing on the computer after they get home from school. However, if a child spends that time in an afterschool program, he or she will be able to focus on activities that are important in the development of their personality. Knowing that their child is engaged in healthy activities gives parents comfort and they can feel good about how their child is
spending their time, instead of feeling like they aren’t providing their child with enough stimulating activity.

• Afterschool programs also ensure that children have time to work on their homework. Working parents, who cannot supervise their children while they are at work, are always concerned about their kid’s grades. Afterschool programs address this concern and help children make academic improvements. By ensuring their children will be able to spend time after school on their homework and not just watching TV, parents feel good about their kid’s future and optimistic that they will do well in school.

• Research has found that children who are in afterschool programs tend to be more optimistic about their future than children who are left unsupervised after they get home from school. The positive effect of these programs can be judged by the fact that children who spend no time in these programs are more likely to drop out of colleges than the children who have attended afterschool programs. When parents see their child’s attitude improve because of their participation in afterschool programs, they know they have made the right decision to have them enroll.

Afterschool programs play a vital role in a child’s development, and they provide great relief to working parents. Programs provided by Flex Academy are the solution to every parent’s dreams when it comes to an afterschool program that provides a healthy, productive and positive solution for their children’s afterschool schedule.

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