With summer right around the corner, here are a few fun ideas for things to do this summer before your kids have a chance to say, “I’m bored!”

The summer is a great to spend time with your kids, so make sure you plan some family activities. Help your child build their social connections by planning some events with their friends and classmates. And of course, help them learn how to be independent by setting them up with activities they can do on their own.

Get outside! Get your kids out of the house with just a few simple toys – a jump rope, tennis or badminton rackets, and water guns on those particularly hot days (or just turn the sprinklers on!)

Start a playgroup with your friends and their children.  Playgroups, when well organized, are a great way for young children to grow intellectually and socially. Meet the moms ahead to time to make sure you get along and discuss any sensitive issues in advance.

Get the most out of summer reading (and make it fun!) by having your child read out loud to an audience – you, their siblings, or friends. After your child finishes the book, watch the movie, if there is one, and talk about which they liked better. Start a book group with your kid’s friends and classmates. And if your child really loves one of their books, they could even write the author a letter.

Enjoy summer evenings by going to an outdoor movie or concert, catching fireflies, barbeques, gardening, etc.

Internet! While there may be much to worry about in letting your kids surf the web, this article talks about the benefits of using the Internet to improve communication skills. Be sure to monitor your child’s Internet time as well as which websites they are on, and here is a great article that discusses a few rules for ensuring Internet safety.

And if your kid is a video game junkie, make sure you know exactly what they are being exposed to in the game. Check out this article on video game ratings.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this page.

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