The popularity of afterschool programs is rapidly growing as more and more parents enroll their children in an activity (or two or three) of their choice after school each day. As a result it is becoming increasingly important that afterschool activities be safe, reliable, and convenient.  One of the most important things to remember when enrolling your child in an afterschool activity is the vendor’s safety features and credentials.

It is critical that vendors to be screened for insurance and criminal background checks. Also, consider where the activity is being held – ideally it will be on-site at your child’s school- making pickup and drop off easy. In addition, review who is on-site at the school to supervise and ensure that children are present. Who handles logistics and financials for the activity and is there a smooth process for registration?

An afterschool program for your child should be one that offers high-quality programming for your child and assures their safety. And of course, it should be one that your child is excited to attend!

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