Being on your school’s PTA is no easy feat! With PTA elections right around the corner, whether you are running to be elected to your school’s PTA or you are a parent voting for next year’s PTA members, it is important to realize all of the responsibilities that come with this position. We found this website from PTO Today that is a great resource for everything you need to know about preparing new members and serving on your school’s PTA.

Afterschool activities are a crucial part of the PTA’s responsibilities that very often get left out off the to-do list. The first, and most important, decision to make is to determine who is going to run the program. Consider asking around to see if there might be a teacher who is interesting in running it. If not, the PTA can reach out to parents and elect a parent representative to take on the responsibility of planning the school’s afterschool program.

And of course, there is always Flex Academies. As an afterschool program management company, Flex Academies assumes the responsibility of finding reputable vendors, handling registration and logistics, and providing an on-site coordinator each day. Check out the wide range of activitiesoffered by Flex Academies and get in touch with the company to find out about a free, no-obligation survey that will help you to better understand your school’s needs for its afterschool program.

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