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Flex Academies Featured On National Education Podcast

Flex Academies CEO was featured on yesterday’s episode of Core of Education hosted by Dr. Rod Berger.

Washington, DC (March 11, 2014) – Flex Academies, a leading provider of afterschool enrichment, was featured on Core of Education, a national podcast that discusses various topics in education. Joshua Chernikoff, Founder and CEO of Flex Academies, was interviewed by Dr. Rod Berger on yesterday’s episode of the podcast.

Dr. Berger, co-creator and host of Core of Education as well as VP of Education at RANDA Solutions, is a passionate supporter of education’s thought leaders. The two discussed the importance of afterschool activities and Berger was especially intrigued by Flex Academies’ work in the afterschool space.

As afterschool enrichment programs become ever more important for a child’s development, Chernikoff speaks to the growing market and community impact of such programs. Berger notes, “I think you’ll find Flex’s efforts to be refreshingly unique in an industry ripe for innovative approaches.” One of these cutting edge approaches is a proprietary survey that Flex Academies offers parents in order to determine if Flex will be a good fit for their community and their school. The survey is provided for free and allows parents to express what they think is most important in an afterschool program.

Berger and Chernikoff also discuss issues of child safety and regulation that arise when parents are choosing an afterschool program for their child. “Safety, security, and quality of programming are three key factors to consider when choosing an afterschool program,” says Chernikoff. “At Flex Academies we strive to provide parents with the very best option for afterschool enrichment.”

“Flex Academies connects the dots between a 21st century classroom and afterschool enrichment,” says Berger. “School may end in the early afternoon, but that doesn’t mean education and more importantly fun have to cease too. Education, as a whole, needs to pay attention to the likes of Flex to better connect extracurricular offerings with a new and ever-evolving education system.” With over 40 different activity offerings, Flex Academies has a truly innovative approach to afterschool enrichment programs.

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About Flex Academies:

Flex Academies provides innovative afterschool program management.  It is the nation’s first comprehensive solution to satisfy the needs of families, schools, and vendors in a high-quality and efficient manner. Flex provides fun and varied afterschool programs for elementary and middle school students by carefully selecting great instructors and programs to ensure a high level of instruction. With Flex Academies, PTAs and schools can provide an enriched and safe afterschool program without the stresses of program management and registration. Based in Washington DC, Flex Academies currently serves schools in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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