Flex Academies’ Programs Impress Parents in Montgomery County

Flex Academies offers an innovative revenue sharing, afterschool option

WASHINGTON, DC (November 15, 12)- Flex Academies, a trusted afterschool program management company for PTA’s, is partnering with local elementary and middle schools to offer an enriching afterschool experiences for children — and parents are raving.

“When Flex came to Westland, the transformation was amazing. There were new activities, and we [the parents] got a streamlined registration program with consistent quality and secure activities. My son took several activities and loved them all,” said a parent of a seventh grade student at Westland Middle School.

A survey conducted by Flex Academies at Westland Middle School found that 90% of parents said they would recommend the programs to another parent. Even though Flex is in the first year at Lakelands Park Middle School and Sligo Creek Elementary School, those parents are equally impressed.

“Kudos to our PTA for partnering with Flex,” said Kristin Swick, a parent at Lakelands Park Middle School.  “I am impressed with the curriculum and the fact that I get attendance and progress reports from the instructor. The best part is that my son looks forward to his app making class every week.”

Flex Academies provides a wide variety of activities, such as debate, app making, basketball, yoga, and much more. “The facts are there: kids who participate in afterschool activities perform better academically. That’s why Flex offers a variety of activities that enrich the kids and take the pressure off of the parents,” said Flex Academies’ CEO, Joshua Chernikoff. “After school programs shouldn’t be so stressful for the PTA. Flex Academies makes afterschool programming easier on parents, schools, and PTAs.”

Parents, and especially the PTAs, are experiencing first-hand the support and excitement of such an effective partnership. “Without Flex Academies, I’m not sure if we could have been able to continue to offer any afterschool programs at our school,” said Cathy Hilton-Russo, PTA president at Sligo Creek Elementary School.

About Flex Academies

Flex Academies is based in Washington DC. It offers a structured after-school program that benefits the school, the PTA and the children involved. Over the past year, Flex Academies has partnered with three different schools. This partnership has transformed the schools’ extracurricular activities into a more streamlined and efficient model with a significant source of revenue as well.



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