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More Testimonials

Flex Academies is wonderful for schools and parents...

that want turnkey administration and program options. They help with the administration so that the programs are consistent, can provide staff to help oversee the programs and students, and make enrichment easy!

Jamie Lerner, Director of Operations
Mad Science of Washington, DC

By partnering with Flex Academies...

we can introduce new families to our wonderful sport at the College Park Tennis Club. It is a great way for both students and parents to begin their tennis journey with us!

Ajay Pant, General Manager
College Park Tennis Club

It's been great working with Flex Academies...

during this abnormally cold winter session. Partnering with them has given us the opportunity to run excellent programs at new schools. Not only that, but we can build relationships with students and families that will drive enrollments for future programs and camps.

Matt Spitler, Area Director
One on One Basketball, Inc.

We use Flex Academies to expand our name-recognition...

and to reach new markets. They help parents become familiar with our programs so that they look for our camps, birthday parties and after school activities. OTA gets to work with new families in new areas with Flex Academies.

Christian Ramirez, Program Director
Overtime Athletics

Flex manages the administrative and marketing tasks...

essential to running a successful after school program... It's because of their work, my team and I can focus on what's most important; teaching kids and helping them have healthy culinary fun.

Kimberly Young, Founder & President
Healthy Little Cooks

The Flex Academies team is committed to vendor success...

Their attention to detail, professionalism, and responsiveness aided Bricks 4 Kidz' entry to the after school programs arena. I have no doubt that they saved me countless marketing hours and related expenses. It has been a joy working with the Flex Academies, and I look forward to serving students and parents through this partnership.

Adrienne L. Mercer, President & CEO
Bricks 4 Kidz - Bethesda

The quality of activities used to be inconsistent...

Everything is uniform across the board…we have the same online enrollment for each class; reliable instructors; consistent communication, both to the parents, and to the PTSA; onsite support so students are always accounted for; and most importantly, innovating and interesting programs for the students.  Our only regret is we didn’t find Flex sooner!

Mark Ezrin & Kim Skimmons
Lakelands Park Middle School PTSA

The parent feedback about the program and instructors has been outstanding

As a parent I have seen the outstanding Flex instructors engage and excite my daughter.  And, as a member of the PTA I would highly encourage any PTA with an after school program to utilize the resources of Flex.  It's a win-win program for every PTA.

Claire Slabaugh
Westland MS PTA Parent & Vice-President

Flex allows us to run a vibrant afterschool program

After trying an all-volunteer model, partnering with Flex has made our afterschool program much easier to administer. Flex allows us to run a vibrant afterschool program while avoiding volunteer burnout and gives us a more streamlined and stress-free process.

Diane Kelleher & Marisa Osorio
Sligo Creek ES PTA afterschool liaisons

I can assure you there are no safety issues with Flex

First of all, they really have high standards when it comes to hiring people. Also, they always have an on site coordinator every single day at the school. This has been a great benefit to us because then we don’t have to provide someone and we have someone who’s right there if there’s any questions.

Deborah Higdon
Lakelands Park MS Principal

It's been very successful

Our children are receiving a lot of exciting experiences as part of the enrichment program afterschool!  We’ve been delighted with the management of the program, with the communication, with the administration, and we can't be happier.

Diantha Swift
Sligo Creek ES Principal

Finally...something that works

After trying any number of models, we’ve finally come up with something that works. Westland now has the after school programming we’ve aspired to, but never were able to produce!

Alysa Emden
Westland MS After School Activities Liaison

Now we just leave it all to Flex!

Without Flex Academies, I'm not sure if we could have been able to continue to offer any afterschool programs at our school.

Cathy Hilton-Russo
Sligo Creek ES PTA President

Fantastic instructor

My daughter very much enjoyed the improv class.  She came home excited about it after every session.  Her instructor, Mark, was fantastic and provided great opportunities for the kids to see an improv show and to perform for others!

Karen Spangler
Westland MS Parent

You guys are doing an awesome job

You guys are doing an awesome job. I have been very impressed with how well you have organized the after-school program generally - not an easy thing to do, as I know from experience volunteering in the past!.

Penelope Bell
Westland MS Parent

Flex has transformed our program

Flex has transformed our after school program. No longer are parents involved in finding instructors or companies, paying instructors, trying to track down children & checks, etc. I wholeheartedly recommend Flex!

Laurie Rosen
Westland PTA President

It's what we need for continued sucess

Flex provides the level of organization and ingenuity necessary for our after school program’s continued success and managed growth.

Danny Vogelman
Westland MS Former Principal

Flex allows the PTA to provide an afterschool program the school deserves

From a PTA standpoint we have been able to use Flex to take the burden off finding individuals to teach classes.  Flex is much more reliable, they have the expertise, and they can bring a full range of offerings that when the PTA runs it you just can’t afford to find the number of people and offer those kinds of classes.”

Emma Wells
Westland MS PTA President

Flex has brought a new excitement to afterschool activities

It's just has been so much fun to walk through the buildings after 3 o’clock and see so many students participating!  Whether they are doing a physical or mental activity, or just being involved with other students rather than going home.   It's a new spark here at Westland for the afterschool learning environment.

Shelia Harrison
Westland MS Former Asst. Administrator

Flex is a great value

Kudos to our PTA for partnering with Flex. I am impressed with the curriculum and the fact that I get attendance and progress reports from the instructor. The best part is that my son looks forward to his app making class every week.

Kristin Swick
Lakelands Park MS Parent