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Middle Schoolers May Benefit Academically From Extracurricular Activities

Studies show that extracurricular and afterschool activities benefit middle schoolers! For middle schoolers, afterschool programs can teach them new skills, help them discover new interests, and help them succeed academically in the future. “Middle school is an important yet vulnerable time for youth. Studies have…

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Strong Afterschool Programs Can Improve Social, Intellectual Development

Investing time and money in after-school programs can provide great returns in a child’s social and intellectual development. Many parents and PTA members agree that the benefits of an after-school program are immeasurable http://ow.ly/f8dw6

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After-school Programs a Failure?

As important as it is to know what to do to start a successful after-school program, it is equally as useful to know what not to do. In a study of Community Learning Centers by the Department of Education, the results seemed to suggest that…

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Characteristics of Successful After School Programs

United Way of Massachusetts Bay has conducted a study involving 4,100 children in 78 after-school programs from 10 economically diverse school districts throughout the state. The aim of the study was to discover what made a successful after-school program in Massachusetts. The study yielded four…

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