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What Parents Want to Know About After School Activities and Programs

Parents always have questions when it comes to their kids. For example, when considering after school activities, they want to know if their children are safe while learning and having fun. If you are interested in enrolling your child in an after school program, the…

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4 Onsite Coordinators Tell Us Why They Love What They Do

Flex Academies after school programs would not be what they are without our onsite coordinators. Our onsite coordinators usually come from within the school as members of the staff know the children, parents, staff, and building. An onsite coordinator’s job starts as soon as students…

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Background Check 101 for Before and After School Programs

A proper background check for before and after school programs is essential to ensure the safety of your kids. This can be a challenge for parents to do on their own because it is virtually impossible for them to meet each teacher and caretaker that…

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3 Great Benefits of After School Activities for Kids

Research has shown that after school activities for kids, specifically middle schoolers, teach new skills, help discover new interests, and help students succeed in the future– all at a very important time in a youth’s life. These 3 great benefits of after school activities for…

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4 Ways After School Programs Enrich & Empower Kids

It can be a challenge to get kids engaged in after school programs, especially after students have spent all day in a classroom. But Flex Academies has the winning formula: A combination of variety and enrichment gets kids excited about the after school experience. Here…

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