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3 Great Testimonials to Help Make Important Decisions About Your After School Program

When making a big decision about something new, we always want to know what others have found to be the best option. Whether you’re buying new appliances for your home, or trying to find the perfect restaurant for date night, we tend to read reviews…

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Answers to After School Program Questions that Principals Ask

The support of the school principal is an important component to a successful after school program. But an after school program is an additional responsibility involving staffing and coordination, and not every program has that administrative support. For those that do, it’s often the  front…

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Enrichment Programs Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs Will Love

Does your child set up a lemonade stand every summer? Does she constantly ask for more chores to earn money? Now, you can encourage your child’s entrepreneurial spirit with one of Flex Academies’ after school enrichment programs with vendors like C3 Cyber Club, Ever Fi,…

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Fun After School Activities that Keep Your Child Active

Kids always seem to have a lot of energy! Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent to keep up, especially with a busy schedule. This is why Flex Academies offers a variety of fun after school activities to help your child stay active and…

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Keys to Success for After School Enrichment Program Providers

As more schools introduce after school enrichment programs, they look to professional program providers to help make their after school hours more engaging while maximizing the student’s’ educational experience. Vendors who  work in the enrichment space provide a variety of courses for students of all…

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