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Vendor Application Process

In July 2017, Flex Academies will begin developing our afterschool enrichment programs for the 2017-18 school year. During the months of July and August, and throughout the year, we will be contacting qualified vendors and instructors to assemble a team to meet our schools’ needs. If you are interested in joining the Flex network, please contact us or apply now. Please also feel free to include draft curriculum(s), links, and/or any other supporting materials as part of your application.


Requirements to be part of Flex network

To be part of the Flex network, vendors and instructors must demonstrate an ability to provide the following:

  • High-quality afterschool enrichment programs with tested curriculum.
  • Engaging and energetic instructors who relate well to students and their parents.
  • A commitment to reliability and professionalism. Vendors or instructors must always be on time and ready to teach every assigned day and every class.
  • The ability to quickly “scale” services. We are looking for vendors or instructors who can serve multiple sites and classes each week.
  • The flexibility to adjust an established curriculum to meet specific parents’ or students’ interests at each site.
  • The ability to work with school space and with their own equipment. Flex must work with the space constraints of each school so vendors and instructors must have flexible space needs, and bring their own equipment.
  • Evidence of a recent background check from a national firm for each on-site instructor.
  • Proof of specific insurance, including liability and workers' compensation.
  • Reasonable class rates and class sizes. We pay vendors or instructors per eight week session, so pricing must be competitive, and minimum and maximum numbers of students served must be financially feasible for Flex and parents.
Important dates for application process
  • June 15
    • Last day for the submission of Vendor or Instructor Applications for 2017-18.
  • July 1 - July 31
    • All vendor applications are reviewed by Flex.
    • Flex contacts applicants with questions or for further information.
    • Preliminary Fall 2017 school programs are set.
  • August 1 - August 28
    • Contracts with vendors and instructors executed for Fall 2017.
    • PTAs approve and announce Fall 2017 programs.
  • August 31 - September 18
    • Final programs and instructors announced to schools and parents.
    • Parents register for Fall 2017 programs.
    • Under-enrolled classes are cancelled.
  • September 28
    • Fall 2017 classes start.
Schedule for the 2017-18 school year

Flex provides classes during three eight-week sessions per year. Classes change from school to school and session to session depending on parent and student interests. Important dates tentatively include:

  • September 5 - September 23 (tentative)
    • Fall Registration to classes open to parents.
  • September 16 (tentative)
    • Final Fall class schedule is determined based on registrations.
  • September 26 - December 9 (tentative)
    • Fall Session
  • January 23 - March 24 (tentative)
    • Winter Session
  • March 27 - May 26 (tentative)
    • Spring Session

Classes begin no earlier than 2:30 pm and end no later than about 5:30 pm on the following days:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Flex provides classes to the following age groups:

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten to 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade to 5th grade
  • 6th grade to 8th grade
  • 9th grade to 12th grade

Specific session and class dates will be established this summer.