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Our Activities

Fitness Activities

3.2.1...Astronaut Training Time (ES Only)
Join NASA in a variety of exciting physical and hands-on activities to encourage students to "Train Like an Astronaut."  This program was developed by NASA scientists and fitness professionals working directly with astronauts.  The "Train Like an Astronaut" activities build off of children's natural curiosity and love of outer space to teach them about the science of the human body, all while instilling good fitness and nutritional habits.  Students will learn about the nutrition needed to fuel our brains and bodies both in space and on earth and will set fitness goals for themselves by embarking on  an exercise program, based on what real astronauts do, for an out-of-this-world experience!
Field Hockey
Introductory and advanced players are welcome to this program. Fitness University provides the instructors who are all former college field hockey stars. It is also a gateway sport for college scholarships and one of sports' most exciting games. This is a terrific opportunity for your child to learn an exciting new sport or hone their skills with professional coaches.
Flag Football
 Is the next RGIII a student at your school? Coach Gordon, a member of the USA National Cricket Team and football enthusiast, will be able to put little RGIII and his teammates in the right places on the field to learn the game and have fun!  Gordon will make sure that Flex flag football improves individual and team skills. Fundamentals for different positions on offense, defense, and special teams will be taught. Participants will play weekly games and have fun with every touchdown that is scored! This is a non-contact class for boys and girls that fills up very, very fast.
Kids play it at recess and baseball is America's past time. Combine the two and what you get is kickball. Now we are bringing this classic game to a whole new level. We will set teams every week so that each kid gets to play every play, any position, and simply enjoy the backyard classic.
Introductory and advanced players are welcome to this program. Lacrosse is a gateway sport for college scholarships and one of sports' most exciting games. Combining the excitement of soccer, hockey and lacrosse, this is a terrific opportunity for your child to learn an exciting new sport or hone their skills with professional coaches.
Running Club
It has been said by Running Club instructor Jake Westhoff, “Life is short, running makes it seem longer.” And, more fun too! The outdoor running club during the winter is the perfect time to focus on developing and perfecting your running form before the spring sports season. Learning how to run in rhythm and with fluidity is not something most people are born knowing. Westhoff’s program will teaches students how to run properly (yes, there is a way), to capitalize on a strong core, where to hold your head, how to breathe and how to strike the ground properly.
Golden Goal Soccer Academy brings its renowned program specifically for Flex Academies! Golden Goal is the home of veteran professional players and certified coaches. Don't miss this exciting opportunity!
Street Hockey
The kids in this class will be encouraged to rock their hockey skills. This class brings the competition and fun of hockey with lots of scoring! However, their will be no skates or hitting of any kind allowed by our referees. In fact, our version of street hockey will have similar contact rules to that of basketball. We will play our games outside so the elements will be real and students are encouraged to bring their own favorite hockey stick!
Strength, Conditioning, and Nutrition
Fitness is more than just calisthenics or running in a herd.  For our fitness instructor Taweh Gray, working out has helped him become a stronger person, teacher, and even see the world.  Taweh intends to show the Westland students how fitness can be an integral part of their lives - and fun too! Taweh, who has trained athletes from elementary school students to Marines stationed overseas, will use his unique experiences and engaging personality to teach the students about their mind, body, and soul as it relates to being in shape.  In addition, Taweh will incorporate healthy eating tips into every session.  Working out is a passion for Taweh and he intends to help this group inspire and perspire over the next 8 weeks.
Tennis I
Richard McMichael, the well-known tennis instructor from Whitley Park Sports Club, teaches tennis for beginners. In addition to being fun, these classes will teach beginning fundamentals using an engaging, organized format. Students can look forward to a 4-1 ratio with ample time for 1-1 personalized instruction.
Tennis II
Take your game to the next level with teaching pro Richard McMichael and his staff from Whitley Park Sports Club. The class will teach experienced students everything from improving their serve, to strategizing for an opponent, to being mentally tough on the court.
A recent study of the YoKid yoga program revealed improvements in students’ mood and physical fitness levels based on participation in a YoKid yoga class. Students who participated in the YoKid program were less angry, more relaxed, more flexible (physically), and showed improved concentration after completing at least 3 weeks of a YoKid class.  The elementary school YoKid program uses traditional hatha and kundalini yoga poses, games, partner exercises, arts, crafts, music, songs, and yoga sounds.

Learning Activities

Advanced AppMaking
We're taking programming to the next level! This second installment of App Making at Westland will help students transition from brainstorming and basic design to more sophisticated programming. Students will be introduced to HTML programming and will learn how to perfect and market their skills. It is recommended that participants have previous App Making experience, though ambitious newcomers are welcome as well.
Smart phones and tablet devices have changed our world. Apple, Google and soon Microsoft have app stores. Apple’s online store alone carries more than 300,000 different apps. This is not the computer class of your childhood. App Making will teach your child how to build their own apps–one of the most marketable skills in today’s economy. We will start your child on the right path to dream about, design and build their own app. The program will include: brainstorming and design, planning for app creation, market, implementing and testing, sharing and maintaining.
BCR/Writing Tutoring
Writing, and more specifically writing BCR's (brief constructed responses), are part of almost every course offered in middle school. Students need to be able to write well even in their math and physical education classes! Even more, students need to be able to write a solid introduction, provide support, and then produce a compelling conclusion. Our tutors first assess your child’s ability to write clearly and effectively, and then spend the next weeks working on writing with the group and providing individual tutoring as well. Tutor to student ratios are among the lowest you’ll find anywhere–never more than 5 - 1.
Bike Repair
Kids love their bikes and they should know how to take care of them too. This class will not only teach kids how to repair their bikes and maintain them, it will also teach bike safety. Watch as your child begins to take better care of their bike and understand it more.
Chess is a fun, challenging, and confidence building game that teaches children how to use strategic planning, patience, and focus in order to achieve their goals.  These are useful skills that apply both on the chessboard and in real life.  In this class, kids learn the rules, and the tricks of one of the most popular games in the world!  Chess has repeatedly been shown to improve children's cognitive abilities improving their ability to tackle science, math, and verbal tasks.  Chess has even been shown to help develop a child's imagination and sense of self as they learn how analyze and conceptualize the game.
Debate Club
Debate is more than just well-written and articulate presentation. Great debates can change nations when between politicians like Stephen Douglass and Abraham Lincoln or Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Others teach us how to engage with less-than-friendly parties and engage in civil discourse such as the Model United Nations. Flex Academies teaches these two debate styles and others, as well as coaching students on how to prepare for debate, including the examination of an issue from multiple perspectives.
Math Tutoring
Flex Academies uses a small group setting and experienced tutors who adapt sessions to each student’s learning style. Tutor to student ratios are among the lowest you’ll find anywhere–often as low as 5 to 1. Our tutors are trained to help students make the difficult conceptual jumps to pre-algebra and algebra from arithmetic. This is great practice for the PSAT. Conceptual subjects like math often require a little more effort for many people. A one-hour brush-up for 8 weeks is a perfect opportunity to stay on top of this fast moving subject. Purchasing a single session allows you to pick whichever date a student might need help. Simply reserve your spot 24 hours in advance to attend a specific session.
Money Makes Cents
Unprecedented financial news has dominated headlines for nearly half of a middle schooler ‘s life.   A young person today wants to learn about their own money.   This 10 week course teaches children credit, saving, budgeting, investing, and paying for college.  The group will learn about how to earn money, grow money, borrow money (including the pitfalls of credit cards), budget, and invest for their retirement.  This course makes “cents” for kids of all ages!
Nature Club (ES Only)
After a long day in school, fresh air, sunshine, cool animals and nature may be just the thing your child needs. Come join Echoes of Nature for Nature Club! We will meet once a week for an hour per session. Many of the programs have a live animal ambassador that comes out for the topic of the week. All programs have activities, games and crafts that relate to that day’s topic. Please wear appropriate clothes and shoes as we try to go outside whenever possible.
Rev It Up Rocketry (ES Only)
Flex Academies is launching new lessons and activities with Rev It Up Rocketry.  Few topics generate as much excitement as rockets so this course is a can't miss!   The scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical foundations of rocketry provide exciting opportunities for authentic hands-on, minds-on experimentation.  In this 10-week program Flex Academies will provide students with activities and lesson plans that emphasize NASA unique hands-on science, prediction, data collection and interpretation, teamwork, and problem solving.  With a great mix of science and fun that keeps kids excited while they learn, this class is sure to be -- a blast!
Run Your Own Business
Whether washing cars, mowing lawns, or baby-sitting in the neighborhood, young people can become business owners too. This course teaches evolving entrepreneurs how to build and organize a business, build a website, build raving fans in the community and begin building a bank account from their hard work and ingenuity. We will spend the second half of the 10 weeks developing individual businesses plans from idea, to marketing, to web site, to possibly "opening the doors" for business!
Wall Street Wizards
It is never to early to learn about the stock market and help your child shape their future! This class gives students a hypothetical $100,000 for them to play the stock market. While this may seem like a "game," the students will experience the same gains and losses that the real traders experience on Wall Street. Plus, your child will begin to learn key economic concepts and financial tips that could help them into retirement!

Arts & Entertainment Activities

Advanced Fashion Design (MS Only)
The advanced class will help young fashionistas bring their sketched designs to life. Over ten weeks, the students will be designing, sewing, and modeling their unique fashion creations. Because this is an advanced course, previous experience with fashion design is recommended, but ambitious newcomers are of course welcome as well.
A+ Architecture (ES Only)
Through fun, hands-on projects students will get to explore the creative industries of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.  This class makes architecture accessible to kids by teaching them about the beauty and wonder of the designs of buildings, landscapes, and neighborhoods around them.  Kids in this class will learn about the art and the science behind buildings, and will even get to take on the challenge of building structures themselves using all kinds of materials.
Architecture (MS Only)
Through fun, hands-on projects students will get to explore the creative industries of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. As they develop their technical skills, students will also be tasked with more actively observing and engaging their built environments. Acting as modern-day explorers, students will gain new insight about their own and new neighborhoods while conducting group field studies and working with different traditional and modern media.  The middle school program will also help students develop familiarity with different design/build methods and materials, learn about the relationship between ecology and the built environment, and understand how history, politics, and the economy affect city planning decisions.
Unlock your inner artist with our art classes. We will draw, make collages, and create masks, self-portraits and more to uncover student artistic skills. Our classes focus on student creativity and self-expression, and are designed so everyone can create a masterpiece.
Students are sure to eat up this tasty 8 or 10 week course that will feature the joy of cooking healthy and delicious meals! Students will bake, sautée and broil their way to culinary confidence as they learn the art of cooking, the importance of food safety, proper knife skills, and how to have fun in the kitchen. All of the dishes will be made from scratch and students will come home with the recipes (and memories). With your young chef ready to take on your home kitchen, you'll get to enjoy the sweet taste of your children's success for yourself as they proudly show off their new skills and cuisines!
Digital Photography
Technology has changed the world forever – especially the photo industry. Kids in this activity will learn from a professional photographer how they can simply point, shoot, click, edit, digitally alter and make lasting memories. It includes weekly photo shoots and assignments -- both directed and free choice. Whether you're interested in taking pictures for the yearbook, documentary photography, portraits, fashion photography or landscapes, our instructor will provide practical, hands-on instruction. Students will create a portfolio of their best work so they can begin to build for their future photography based endeavors.
Fashion Design
Your kids will learn how to design, sketch, sew, drape, and even then sport their new clothes and accessories. The class will be taught by a "fashionista" from a well respected downtown DC boutique. At the end of each session there will be a fashion show and chance for the students to model and show off their creations on the runway.
Film Making
Narrative film making is a progressive and collaborative course that focuses on film making technique; emphasizing pre-production, executing a well-conceived plan, visual storytelling, and artistic style. Working in a hands-on environment, young budding filmmakers are introduced to the craft of cinema while developing their skills. And, the students will get to hone those skills with a real Hollywood producer Jeffrey Cooper.  His background encompasses writing, producing  photographing, and directing four feature films and four short films that have received worldwide distribution through Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Universal, among others.  Cooper will "show and tell" his group from first hand experience how film is a unique and meaningful form of art, entertainment, and instruction.
Finding Your Voice
Is your child a rock star? In this after school music program, Just Rock will offer group voice lessons. Each artist will learn basic vocal technique, theatrical exercises to enhance their stage presence, and songs that they will master over the course of their lessons. We help artists to broaden their musicianship skills through the composition of songwriting. Lastly, we end the program with a music showcase accompanied by a live musician working with each artist to present their cover or an original song that they have written through the program. Group voice lessons have proven to help students (artists) with social cognitive skills, self confidence and awareness of their own individuality and independent artistry. So get ready to rock on with Just Rock in group voice lessons!
Hip-Hop Dance
Learn how to break, lock and pop with the best crews around. Physical fitness experts agree that hip-hop dance is an excellent physical fitness activity, but we think it’s pretty entertaining too! The Flex instructors are big on building confidence in dance, focusing on the positives, and helping a person become more comfortable performing.
Newspaper (ES Only)
Your elementary school is about to have its very first school newspaper, and your child can be a part of it! Taught by a member of the Washington Post Newspaper in Education staff, students have the unique opportunity to learn what it's like to build a newspaper from the ground up. Our professional instructor will help students create the layout, content, and print of their very own newspaper and teach them the ins and outs of running a newspaper as a business. In fact -- the group will be making their own newspapers using a simple newsletter design tool on the computers at school.
Mini Magicians (ES Only)
Come be a part of the very first magic course at Sligo Creek. Students will learn all sorts of fun coin, card, and other magic tricks, and our professional instructor will show them how to practice and preform magic that will impress friends and family.  Your child will become a master of illusion in this magical activity!
In this class students students will focus on lines, formations, and cheerleading forms. Students will also learn high kicks, leaps, jumps, and turns that are the building blocks for both poms and dance. Students will focus on high-energy combinations and practice movements influenced by jazz and hip hop techniques commonly seen by professional dance and cheer teams. This class is open to beginners and is particularly beneficial to students that have an interest in cheer leading or poms.  Gain confidence on the dance floor with these skilled instructors' encouragement in a supportive and fun environment!
Surprise Activities (ES Only)
Join the founders of the local children's subscription service SurpriseRide.com in fun weekly activities that foster creativity and innovation. Each week, kids will get to explore something new and feed their natural curiosities! Activities are theme-based and cover a variety of subjects, from art and culture to chemistry and technology. Some activities will encourage play and learning through structured kits while others will be more open-ended and will exercise the imagination. Sample activities include making your very own toothpaste, building a robot, sculpting Michelangelo's missing masterpiece, or exploring the food, music, and language of a foreign culture. Kids will bring home their creations and new found interests. "Life is full of surprises, join the ride!"
Whose Line Improv
Learn the entertaining craft of live theatrical improv through "Whose Line Is It Anyway" style theater games. Students will learn the guidelines behind successful theatrical improvisation as they create a final presentation to be held in front of family and friends.
Web Site Design
You child will learn a basic understanding of HTML code and then they can create a web site that is hand coded. The instructor will be using Word Press based web sites and lead hands on instruction in a 1:1 ratio.

**All activities for elementary and middle school unless otherwise noted**

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