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Archive for Important Facts & Statistics

At Flex Academies, the Safety and Security of Your Child is Job #1

Flex Academies is understandably proud of the quality and diversity of programming we provide to students in all our Flex schools. In school after school and class after class, Flex vendors deliver fun, exciting activities that motivate students to learn and grow. Whether it’s a…

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Innovative After School Programs

After school programs are injecting innovation in many new and exciting ways. Across the country there are thousands of after school programs taking place on a daily basis. These programs vary in their levels of effectiveness, but some shine above the rest. These programs are…

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Afterschool Programs Improve Graduation Rates

Maryland schools can graduate more students after adopting an afterschool program says a study led by The City of San Marcos and Texas State University. Afterschool programs increases parent engagement, lowers absenteeism, and improves graduation rates according to a report in The University Star. “It…

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Strong Afterschool Programs Can Improve Social, Intellectual Development

Investing time and money in after-school programs can provide great returns in a child’s social and intellectual development. Many parents and PTA members agree that the benefits of an after-school program are immeasurable http://ow.ly/f8dw6

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PTAs, Parents Can Have A BIG Influence On The Quality Of A School

The gap between two schools in New York, P.S. 9 and P.S. 166, is the perfect example of how big a difference parental involvement in the PTA can make. The amount of influence that a PTA can have on the quality of a school is…

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