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Flex Academies is a growing company that is committed to helping vendors succeed and get the recognition they deserve while handling management and overhead issues.

Flex Academies offers a great opportunity for your business to reach new markets. See our testimonials to learn more about what a partnership with Flex can do for your business.

  • Flex Academies offers opportunities to teach in areas such as arts, health and wellness, skills and STEM
  • Flex offers you a chance to introduce your other offerings, including your studio, summer camps, etc., to interested schools and parents
  • With Flex, your courses can be offered at multiple sites at once
  • Flex Academies is currently in 23 schools across four states
  • Flex Academies is currently working with 70 vendors in more than 90 different activities

ACT NOW to get Flex in your school!

Flex has managed over 1,100 program hours and has worked with more than 12,000 students — with a 95% parent satisfaction rate and a 92% school retention rate.

Our Vision is simple

"to inspire students' creativity and passions."

  • STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Athletics — tennis, karate, fitness, etc.
  • Dance and The Arts — from dance to magic
  • Writing and Oratory — everything from handwriting to debate
  • Financial Literacy — powered by EverFi
  • Cooking — with a focus on healthy lifestyles
  • Photography — from basics to advanced
  • And others — from languages to Chess!
Flex offers three sessions per year — Fall, Winter, and Spring — featuring multiple daily classes that are 60 minutes long. Flex features an extraordinary selection of high-quality options, and most importantly, Flex vets and certifies each and every company before they can become part of the Flex network. Providers come from a rich mix of disciplines.

Coming Soon to a school near you!

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