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How It Works

There Is No Catch

Flex is based on a very simple partnership model that allows the PTA to stay in control without having to shoulder the liability or coordinate the details.

Flex takes on the following:

  • Setting up the program
  • Managing it throughout the year
  • Ensuring parent satisfaction
  • Ensuring student safety
  • Allowing for revenue sharing
  • Awarding scholarships

Yes...you get all of this plus the ability to generate funding for your school.

The Flex "Team"


Determines specific offerings, costs and scholarships offered and provides one volunteer to promote Flex activities via PTA listservs, school messaging, morning announcements, etc.


Typically the principal.
Provides input on classes and scholarships, lends logistical support and assists with promoting registrations via school messaging services.

Your Flex

Ensures smooth operation, interfaces with vendors, negotiates agreements, pays vendors, maintains the school’s Flex website and keeps attendance records. Serves as the point of contact for parents’ questions or concerns.

Flex On-Site Coordinator

A Flex employee.
Is on site whenever Flex activities are being held, checks in arriving instructors, assists with any logistical needs and provides general support to students and instructors as needs arise.

What You Can Expect From Flex

Flex Will Make Sure Everyone Is Happy
Free assessment to determine which classes make the most sense for your school.
Screening and qualification of all instructors.
Solicitation of parent feedback so we can continually improve your program.
Progress reports for parents.
Flex will Address Liability Concerns
A designated onsite coordinator anytime classes are held.
Background checks for all instructors.
All necessary insurance.
Attendance tracking.
Flex Will Make It Easy!
Management of the registration process.
Custom registration website created and maintained for your school.
Timely response to parent inquiries/concerns.