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PTAs Turn to Flex Academies to Manage Their Afterschool Programs

PTA volunteering is not for the faint-of-heart. As any parent organization volunteer can tell you, what may start as a simple fundraiser (wait, is there any such thing as a “simple” fundraiser?) or school event often translates into many hours, even days, of hard work….

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Principals Find a Valuable Partner in Afterschool Program Management

As a school’s chief executive, a principal faces a long list of responsibilities and challenges on a daily basis. It’s the principal who parents want to meet with when there is an issue with their child, yet that same administrator is responsible for personnel, a…

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An Onsite Coordinator Makes All the Difference in an Afterschool Program

Today, more children than ever ­­– over 10.2 million — are in afterschool programs. A recent study by the Afterschool Alliance revealed that 75% of respondents believe that afterschool programs give parents peace of mind while they are at work. So when it comes to…

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Flex Academies Announces AM Enrichment Program for Late Start Schools!

Flex Academies is pleased to announce that we are now offering a morning/before-school enrichment program for students at Montgomery County Public Schools with a late start time.  Flex and the PTAs at Carderock Springs Elementary and Rock Creek Forest Elementary quickly responded to the 9:25…

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Flex Academies Opens the School Year with Record Enrollment

Flex Academies Opens the School Year with Record EnrollmentParent, Student Demand and Vendor Market Fuel Growth, Says CEO WASHINGTON, D.C. – Flex Academies CEO Joseph Olchefske announced today that the company’s Fall enrollment numbers are a clear sign of its growth into being a major…

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