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4 After School Programs for Today’s Digital Kids

Expanding your after school programs to include science, tech and math experts is the smartest route districts can embark upon today. Today’s after school programs need to include fun and functional STEM concepts and themes in order to facilitate academic development in science and math….

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How To Build A Strong PTA School Partnership For Enrichment

Building a strong PTA school partnership is necessary to a thriving school district. Parents get a centralized and efficient voice dedicated to common concerns, while teachers and administrators get an engaged partner organization with ideas, commitments and even fundraising power. After school enrichment programs are…

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5 Tips to Strengthen Your Enrichment Programs

Developing your after school enrichment programs should be an ongoing process. You want students, teachers, coordinators and parents to be engaged and proud of what the after school curriculum does for the student body. This should not be your typical afterschool program. You want excellence….

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Flex Academies Honored as a Finalist in Red Tricycle’s “Totally Awesome Awards 2016”

For Immediate Release Contact: Joshua Chernikoff, Flex Academies joshua@flexacademies.com Flex Academies Honored as a Finalist in Red Tricycle’s “Totally Awesome Awards 2016” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Flex Academies has been named a finalist in one of the largest award programs in the parenting community, Red Tricycle’s…

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Why Do I Need a Before School Program?

The benefits of before school programs are just as numerous as the gains to be had from after school programs. Communities with working parents can benefit when districts offer care in many different ways and at both ends of the school day. But how can…

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