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Monthly archive for November2016

Why After School Enrichment Programs Are So Important

Principals and district administrators have a complicated job. As a school leader, you want overall performance to improve and you want to see individual students develop with a variety of skills to take to the next level. Properly managed after school enrichment programs can make…

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The Science of Flex Academies’ Enrichment Programs

Science education is such an important part of the academic school day and districts are making it an important part of their after school enrichment programs as well. With technology jobs growing exponentially and older employment sectors being remade by digital advancements, the time to…

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The Answer To Your After School Activities Question

How does your district manage its after school activities? With a slate of programs from AV and language clubs to athletic activities, it is a chore. What if you could outsource administration, promotion and instruction for your after school enrichment? Administrators! There is a solution….

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