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Monthly archive for August2016

More After School Activities That May Enhance Your Child’s Talents

Kids are gifted in so many ways, and often their natural skills may not be not easily recognized. Previously we examined a few traits you might find in your kids that reveal more about their passions and personalities. These traits give clues as to what…

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After School Activities That Bring Out Your Child’s Hidden Talents

Talents come in all shapes and sizes, big and small. Many kids have amazing gifts that you can  see and recognize, while others may have talents hiding under their normal day-to-day actions and behavior. These talents might need some help to develop, but you’ll need…

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Hip Hop Dance: A Fun After School Activity for the Child Peformer

It’s easy to tell if your child likes to dance, especially if you always catch him moving to the music. KIds love to perform full dance routines from music videos or movies in the living room for you, or come up with their own moves…

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5 Ways to Know if Your Child is a True Artist

Children love art. It’s the perfect activity that allows them to be creative and express themselves, and have fun doing it. For kids, it’s a great educational opportunity that helps them develop their artistic talents and skills. Does your child’s art go beyond the doodles…

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