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Monthly archive for May2016

For PTAs: How To Easily Manage After School Programs

Many schools agree that managing after school programs can create headaches for the PTA.  An easier approach involves only one person, a PTA liaison, who communicates the school’s needs to a management partner, like Flex Academies, that can provide a turnkey solution. Then, the PTA liaison…

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After School Programs That Are Innovative and Actually Fun

Everyday, across the country, there are countless after school programs engaging students in all sorts of activities. But are these programs effective in raising the bar, introducing fun and exciting new innovative after school activities that will make kids happy? Innovation is important when PTA boards consider…

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6 Sure Ways To Know Your School Has Quality After School Teachers And Vendors

A little creativity translates to high interest fun No matter what the activity, a little imagination goes a long way. The after school teachers at Tiny Chefs learned the hard way that they need to be creative when using kale or super healthy foods. They…

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6 Important Safety Steps Every Afterschool Program Should Be Doing For Your Child

  Learning and activities can always be fun, but the afterschool safety and security of students participating in those programs are very important to parents and schools. We know the teachers that spend the day enriching our children and the familiar environment of their classroom,…

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3 Great Benefits Classroom Teachers Get As Flex Afterschool Teachers

In many ways, the core of the Flex Academies experience is the wonderful afterschool teachers that instruct our kids. Flex is proud of the strong relationships we have built with a wide variety of afterschool activity teachers and our vendor partners, that are mutually beneficial…

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