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Monthly archive for January2016

Flex Interviews – Diantha Swift, Principal

Diantha Swift Flex Academies President Joshua Chernikoff interviewed Diantha Swift, principal at Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Principal Swift talked about how the partnership with Flex over the last five years has had such a positive impact on the school. Flex Academies:…

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Flex Academies Addresses the Activity Gap

By Joseph Olchefske The New York Times recently published a fascinating and troubling article regarding the role of organized afterschool activities in the lives of students from differing socioeconomic groups.  The article, entitled “Class Differences in Child-Rearing Are on the Rise,” highlighted the increased access…

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How can an afterschool vendor expand in the education space?

As schools look to make their afterschool hours more engaging, enrichment providers have become key players in the student’s educational experience. Vendors in the enrichment space provide courses that run the gamut from astronaut training to Zumba, for students of all ages. But gaining a…

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Flex Interviews – Danielle Lyman, Onsite Coordinator

Danielle Lyman Flex Academies President Joshua Chernikoff sent questions to onsite coordinator Danielle Lyman to get her thoughts on her role. Lyman describes the many hats she wears communicating with parents, ensuring safety, and helping with organization. Our partnership with schools is hugely successful in…

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PTAs Turn to Flex Academies to Manage Their Afterschool Programs

PTA volunteering is not for the faint-of-heart. As any parent organization volunteer can tell you, what may start as a simple fundraiser (wait, is there any such thing as a “simple” fundraiser?) or school event often translates into many hours, even days, of hard work….

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